Promoting Hong Kong to become a more outstanding international capital market

To Hong Kong Capital Market Stakeholders

In a landscape where international market dynamics are shifting, it is not mere coincidence that brings us together. Rather, it is a call to action, a summons to restore our esteemed Hong Kong Capital Market to its rightful prominence on the global stage. While recognising the policy and regulatory strides made thus far, we stand together to voice the insights of intermediaries, a perspective too often drowned in the broader discourse. Rest assured, the Association of Hong Kong Capital Market Practitioners (HKCMP) does not arrive as an indiscriminate critic, but rather as an advocate of profound dialogue. To this end, we extend our hand not only to our fellow practitioners but also to the Government, the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited and the Securities Futures and Commission.

The challenge at hand transcends the capacity of a lone entity; it necessitates a collective effort from the entire ecosystem. We urge stakeholders to collaborate and develop a shared vision through genuine unbiased dialogue that leads to actionable solutions for the revival of the Hong Kong Capital Market. Embracing this endeavour not only secures the enduring prosperity of Hong Kong's financial services sector but also holds the promise of nurturing a brighter future for our local youth, ensuring they have opportunities to thrive and excel on a global stage.

Together, let us rally for Hong Kong financial sector’s enduring prosperity, reaffirming our role as a global financial hub.